LTE Roaming Overview

  • Rapidly roll-out innovative and differentiated 4G services, including the delivery of IP-based voice, data, and rich multimedia communication services
  • Offer new revenue-generating services while reducing CAPEX and OPEX necessary to offer international voice and data services
  • Support’s mobile data transit demands with multiple CoS and strong QoS
  • Guarantees interoperability between two Diameter implementations from two disparate networks

The Challenge for Carriers:

As the mobile evolution continues in full force with the rapid adoption of smart devices, so does the demand for anywhere and anytime access to services, content, and applications. In order to sustain this growing demand for data, mobile technology must also evolve in order to keep up with expectations for mobile broadband. For many operators the solution is migrating to a 4G LTE network.

LTE Roaming Solution Overview:

As the demand for mobile broadband services continues to rise, LTE and its ability to cost-effectively provide fast, multimedia mobile data services is quickly becoming the network technology of choice for 4G deployments around the world. LTE helps drive value through an improved subscriber quality of experience.

Mobile operators, as a result, will need to deal with the specific challenges that LTE raises, including interoperability with legacy and other 4G systems, ensuring end-to-end network quality of service (QoS), and high-quality service delivery and interaction with IMS for the delivery of multimedia services and voice.

With this in mind, Syniverse developed their LTE Roaming Exchange service, a managed IP network ecosystem designed to deliver voice, data, and video services all with assured QoS and guaranteed security. Mobile operators implementing Syniverse’s LTE Roaming service will have access, via a single connection, to a growing list of LTE operators through Syniverse’s extensive list of customers that cover most of the world’s countries. This allows their international traveling subscribers to seamlessly roam between the two regions and enjoy a consistent 4G experience.

How It Works

Built on top of a secure, QoS-enabled IPX Transport Service and utilizing a state-of-the-art platform compatible with its Diameter Routing Service, Syniverse leverages a core set of capabilities that enables signaling and interoperability, driving all IP-based service communications between two mobile operators. These services comprise the essential building blocks for Syniverse’s LTE Roaming Exchange service and are critical elements within Syniverse’s IPX cloud.

Syniverse’s LTE Roaming Exchange solution makes a seamless connection between global mobile operators, creating an indistinguishable difference of service quality, including low latency, quick connection set up, and zero jitter for mobile subscribers as they travel between their home network and mobile operator networks located internationally.

Benefits To Mobile Operators:

Syniverse’s IPX service gives operators implementing LTE Roaming an easy path to reduce their CAPEX and OPEX for international voice and data services while offering access to new revenue generating services.

By implementing Syniverse’s LTE Roaming Exchange service, operators will realize:

Better quality of service: Along with a comprehensive, next generation IPX network, mobile operators can rapidly roll-out innovative and differentiated 4G services, including the delivery of IP-based voice, data, and rich multimedia communication services on any device.

Cost reductions: By integrating all IP services onto a single network, operators can lower their total cost of operations while improving ARPU opportunities.

Improved network management: Available through a robust set of web-based tools with comprehensive traffic reporting and troubleshooting capabilities.

Syniverse IPX Transport Service for LTE Roaming

Syniverse’s LTE Roaming Exchange service is built upon Syniverse’s IPX Transport service supporting mobile data transit demand with multiple Class of Service (CoS) and end-to-end QoS commitment offerings. Features include:

  • Single IP connection with QoS for multiple data, signaling and voice transport
  • Immediate worldwide roaming coverage
  • Multiple Class of Service support to meet different application demands including LTE signaling and bearer transit
  • Guaranteed QoS and end-to-end QoS commitment backed by a SLA
  • Real-time operator monitoring tools and traffic reports with 24×7 support

The IPX Diameter Signaling Service for LTE Roaming

On top of the IPX Transport Service, Syniverse deploys a state-of-art Diameter routing platform – a centralized platform based IPX service – for managing the LTE roaming and signaling, in addition to roaming control.

Syniverse’s Diameter Signaling Service supports both home routed and local break-out roaming scenarios providing the following main functions between two roaming partners:

  • Guaranteed interoperability between two Diameter implementations from two networks
  • Provides roaming policy monitoring and enforcement
  • Supports versatile Diameter routing options by Diameter application, realm, command, host, IMSI ranges, roaming route
  • Proactively monitors Diameter signaling, traffic and sends alerts on roaming problems
  • Generates comprehensive roaming reports